Phone Numbers 4
The Business Phone Book

General (overall) Public Service Activities Phone Numbers

47 Marshall Street Leeds LS11 9RZ
White Rose House 28a
York Place
Leeds LS1 2EZ
2 Mabgate Mills
Leeds LS9 7DZ
73a Great George Street Leeds LS1 3BR
Enterprise House
12 St Pauls Street
Leeds LS1 2LE
Information Technology Service
Apex Centre
Leeds LS11 5LT
8 Apex Way Leeds LS11 5LN
335 Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 4HT
Albion Chambers
Albion Street
Leeds LS27 8DT
Farnley Hall
Hall Lane
Leeds LS12 5HA
Church Street
Leeds LS10 2AY
Olympia House
Gelderd Lane
Leeds LS12 6DD
56 Town Street
Leeds LS12 3AA
Scott Lane
Wetherby LS22 6LH
1 Whitehall Riverside Leeds LS1 4BN
District Probate Registry
York House
Leeds LS1 2BA
99 Parkway Avenue Sheffield S9 4WG
210 Abbeyfield Road Sheffield S4 7AZ
222 London Road Sheffield S2 4LW
P O Box 4333 Sheffield S8 2EY
65 Chesterfield Road Sheffield S8 0RL
Fulwood House
Old Fulwood Road
Sheffield S10 3TH
Unit 4 Edmund Road Business Centre
135 Edmund Road
Sheffield S2 4ED
3 West Bar Sheffield S3 8PJ
14 East Parade Sheffield S1 2ET
Greaves Court
20 Watery Street
Sheffield S3 7ES
Town Hall
Manchester Road
Sheffield S36 2DT
Castle Marina Road Nottingham NG7 1TP
The Old Coach House
25 Noel Street
Nottingham NG7 6AQ
West Bridgford House
Loughborough Road
Nottingham NG2 7UN
Loxley House
Station Street
Nottingham NG2 3NG
2 Isabella Street Nottingham NG1 6AT
74 Middle Street
Nottingham NG9 2AR
Derby Road Nottingham NG10 1HU
1 Nursery Close
Nottingham NG12 2JD
Vicarage Lane Nottingham NG12 2FB
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street
Nottingham NG1 6LP
Village Hall
Elm Avenue
Nottingham NG12 5AN
19 Main Street
Nottingham NG12 5AA
Barton House
61 High Road
Nottingham NG9 4AJ
The Council Room
Main Street
Nottingham NG14 6FG
Room 3 Under One Roof
3a Vine Terrace
Nottingham NG15 7HN
City Gate West
Tollhouse Hill
Nottingham NG1 5AT
Unit 11
Vision Business Park
Nottingham NG6 8GF
Lawton Drive Nottingham NG6 8BL
Cotgrave Community Centre
Nottingham NG12 3PJ
Peat House
1 Waterloo Way
Leicester LE1 6LP
2a Little Lane
Loughborough LE12 7BH
Jubilee Hall
Stadon Road
Leicester LE7 7AY
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